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A Tale of 2 Women

Just 2 Women LLC is an incubator for small, women-owned businesses in the Pacific Northwest. With combined experiences in entrepreneurship and mentorship, and a method that prioritizes accountability and consistency, CEO Stephanie Trower encourages new businesses owners to access their best potential at their own pace. With a bit of encouragement, guidance, collaboration, and joy, Just 2 Women launches businesses that are built to last.

We started with just two women — Seandra Webster and Stephanie Trower. In 2019, we combined our professional and personal experiences to start this venture. Though some of our professional interests differed, our mutual desire to help women realize their potential brought us together. We recognized that with two heads — two women — we could accomplish anything!

And now...

After our first year, with a strong foundation in place, Seandra moved on to pursue other entrepreneurial endeavors. Stephanie continues with the founding spirit that “two heads are better than one” and features joint ventures as one of the company’s cornerstones. Just 2 Women embodies that old adage, “Go, girl!

EVERY woman, no matter where her identities intersect, has an intrinsic force. No one can define you. Do what you want feeling empowered and prepared to take on the world.

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"I firmly believe in the power of honesty in business"

I believe in the power of experience. Experiences enrich our lives, teaching us about ourselves and the world around us. I bring all of those experiences to my duties as CEO of Just 2 Women, reaching back to them for insight, inspiration and foundation. J2W brings all of my interests — creative experiences, professional development, and women’s empowerment — to one place.

I’m a busy, social bee. Crowds energize me. Food excites me (you can actually learn a lot about someone from trying their food). I am a lifetime learner and self-proclaimed teacher. And most importantly, I’m a truth-teller. Confronting the truth allows us to approach everything we do with clarity and I firmly believe in the power of honesty in business. 

My professional trajectory remains consistent with the philosophy that experiences enrich our lives — professional and personal. I graduated college with a technical degree, jumping into careers in customer service, training/development coordination, workshop development and project management before taking my post as the head of Just 2 Women. These roles taught me the importance of collaboration — two (or more) heads are more effective than one. They also prepared me to lead my clients at Just 2 Women through their professional development. With a solid understanding of the infrastructures of businesses, I can provide you all with the tools to build yours from the inside, out.

Joint Ventures

Just 2 Women offers termed collaborations with entrepreneurs to help them launch new ventures. Clients with business ideas of all sizes are welcome to take advantage of our resources from mentorships, to business development and launch support. Pitch a new business idea to us! Or pitch a product that you’d like to release in collaboration with one of our brands. We will support your endeavors with a combination of practicality, creativity, and love! You can do this and we’ll empower you to see it through. 

Our joint venture partners, chosen from a pool of current and past clients, will also collaborate with Stephanie to mentor other clients through the development and launch stages of their businesses. With our combined experiences, clients of varying backgrounds will feel supported and validated by the assistance that Stephanie and our JV partners provide.

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Unguided Guidance

We don’t want to hold your hand through the learning process. It’s important to own both your confidence and your business. When we say, “Go, girl”, we mean it. 

Our “Unguided Guidance” service offers an intimate mentorship experience in which you will acquire new skills and resources in business from Stephanie, our CEO, and another expert in your field. Learning the fundamentals of business from an experienced professional will not only provide anecdotal wisdom, but it will also inspire confidence in the success of your own business. Our mentors will teach you how to build the infrastructure for your venture and will offer you guidance as you move into the foundational steps of launching. 

Just 2 Women doesn’t sell gimmicks or formulas. We encourage our clients to engage in the process of knowing; knowing what you want, how you plan to attain it, and determining how you will use what you’ve attained. That’s why we call this service “Unguided Guidance.” This is your business. You are the most important piece. You bring the creativity, the vision, and the determination.

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